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World innovation: XtensionKit – that something Xtra for x-fold re-use of permanent scaffold anchors

isorocket® permanent scaffold anchors can be simply reused again. Unscrew the plugs, screw in the anchor screws, connect the scaffold, finished. But what if the anchor points cannot meet the nodes of the various system scaffolds? This may be solved by slightly changing the height of the floor level (filling, paving stones etc.). This is why we have come up with the XtensionKit for isorocket® permanent scaffold anchors which is one of a kind in the world. This turns individual anchor points into a complete system, and each scaffolder can anchor its system scaffold easily and securely: guaranteed!

XtensionKit: Design and product details

XtensionKit – The adapter for maximum flexibility when anchoring scaffolding

The XtensionKit is the congenial extension for the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor and, at the same time, forms the seal for a perfect self-contained anchor system that is one of a kind in the world in this form. The XtensionKit works like an adapter and comprises two important components:

rocketXtension Adjustment unit with a coupling module


The innovative adjustment unit is screwed into the eye-bolt point of the permanent scaffold anchor and serves as the holding point for the connecting rod rocketrail. Using the rocketXtension, clearances to the façade can be regulated precisely and unevenness can be compensated across the width of the façade.

rocketrail Special connection rod


A special connection rod comprising galvanised steel with a reinforced hollow chamber and corresponding connection elements that is attached to the adjustment unit rocketXtension using a coupling adapter. The rocketrail is available in different lengths that can be joined in a positive plug connection and can connect the existing anchor points quickly and easily. The XtensionKit is completely independent from the various grid dimensions of the respective scaffold manufacturer. In accordance with needs, the scaffold can be connected to the respective required point, even in front of a window or a façade opening.

In the combined application of this unique system, there is a continuous ‘handrail’ in front of the façade to which any construction scaffold can be anchored securely and professionally regardless of the respective grid dimensions. The XtensionKit has been specially developed for the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor. This full-featured and complete anchor system implements the requirements of the DIN 4426 (German standard) with free reuse of the anchor points in practice for all trades. Absolutely everyone can (re)use it!

The XtensionKit is already registered for patent. We believe that the XtensionKit will be available in series in spring 2021. In urgent cases, please speak to our sales team!

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  • Kraftaufnahme

    Perfect force absorption per assembly point.

  • Verankerung

    Secure anchoring of the scaffold with the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.

  • Ablängen

    Shortening of the screw channel with the rocketcutter (special tool from the assembly set).

  • Stopfen

    Attachment of the thermal bridge-free plug.

  • Anstrich

    Clean painting work around the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.