Isorocket Flieger


isorocket® is the best scaffold anchor ever … because it helps architects and planners to concentrate on the things they do best: creating attractive, modern living and working space.

Because you are dealing with so many distracting things, the issue of permanent scaffold anchors is probably not high on your list. But it is precisely the things that we don’t see afterwards that have a decisive impact on the success of the construction process. isorocket® permanent scaffold anchors are approved from masonry and concrete and remain permanently in the façade.

Thanks to the fact that they are reusable - regardless of scaffold type and grid dimensions XtensionKit – permanent anchors therefore guarantee durable, sustainable façade protection. Also, you as an architect and planer meet the requirements of DIN 4426 (German standard) for anchoring scaffolds on façades, and also offer alternative-free safety for humans and buildings during construction.

Be on the safe side and only issue tenders for approved permanent scaffold anchors to avoid liability risks and stress during construction, so that you can tend to the important things: perfect architecture, perfect planning. You will find data sheets, CAD data, tender texts and assembly instructions for all permanent scaffold anchor systems under ‘Downloads’: You can get going immediately!

isorocket® for architects/planners

  • The safest ‘incidental thing’ on the market - of course with an approval (certified)
  • unique anchoring system approved for concrete and masonry (DIN 4426 / German standard)
  • Sustainable façade protection right from the start
  • Protection for humans and the building during construction
  • Stress-free work by all participating trades
  • X-fold re-use implemented practically (XTensionKit)
  • Avoid liability risks
  • Satisfied building owners

Application video

Teaser Anwendungsvideo

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  • Dämmung

    Clean preparation of the insulating material Ideal force dissipation ensures stability.

  • System Concrete

    The isorocket® Concrete series is specially designed for use on concrete according to DIN 4426 (German standard).

  • Anstrich

    Clean painting work around the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.

  • Kraftaufnahme

    Perfect force absorption per assembly point.

  • Stopfen

    Attachment of the thermal bridge-free plug.