Isorocket Flieger


isorocket®isorocket® is the best scaffold anchor of all time … because it was developed by professionals for construction professionals.

Safe and functional erection of construction scaffolds is essential, not just for ensuring a smooth construction process, but also to protect all trades involved in the construction process. As a scaffolder, you have a high level of responsibility everyday. In this context, isorocket® does not mean ‘more’ responsibility, it means it is easier to bear this responsibility because isorocket® permanent scaffold anchors are the only approved permanent anchor system that meet the higher load assumptions of the DIN 4426 (German standard) for concrete and masonry. This is uncompromising safety which you can position yourself as an innovative and modern specialist company.

Conventional scaffold screws are inexpensive and can be refitted, but they are also always a risk factor for scaffolds, humans and the façade because the required force dissipation is never guaranteed. Investing in isorocket® permanent scaffold anchors is an investment in more safety, better work that is stress-free and perfect façade protection. This is also due to the fact that they can be reused - regardless of equipment types and grid dimensions (XtensionKit). Responsibility for the scaffold can only be borne by the scaffolder, which is why you should never allow other trades (façade builders) to mount permanent anchor systems to exclude any Warranty bonds.

(Unfortunately), opinions about this still differ greatly among the various trades. Whilst we cannot make a final decision about the issue of responsibility at this point, we can at least alleviate the problem in everybody's interest at this point: just use our assembly service.

isorocket® for scaffolders

  • Developed by professionals for construction professionals
  • Positioning as a modern innovative specialist company
  • Unique system approved for concrete and masonry (DIN 4426 / German standard)
  • X-fold re-use implemented practically (XTensionKit)
  • Uncompromising safety at the construction site
  • Protection for humans and scaffolds during construction
  • Bearing responsibility that only scaffolders can bear

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  • Verankerung

    Secure anchoring of the scaffold with the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.

  • Anstrich

    Clean painting work around the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.

  • Dämmung

    Clean preparation of the insulating material Ideal force dissipation ensures stability.

  • Stopfen

    Attachment of the thermal bridge-free plug.

  • Kraftaufnahme

    Perfect force absorption per assembly point.