Isorocket Flieger

Assembly set Extended

The right choice for façades to which ETICS panels are attached.

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Montageset Extended

  • Product description

    Special tools are required for the professional and safe attachment of our isorocket® permanent scaffold anchors. The isorocket® assembly set Extended is the right choice, especially when fitting ETICS panels. Central elements of this assembly set are the shortening device rocketcutter and the assembly key rocketkey. The rocketkey primarily serves to securely attach the anchor body on the load distribution plate. However, the load distribution plate itself and the rocketseal cap can be attached easily using the rocketkey. The mounting collar extension rocketring and the hex wrench extension rockethex facilitate work within an existing thermal layer. The shortening device rocketcutter ensures the clean removal of the protruding plastic neck of the anchor body at the façade level. This guarantees that you always achieve a perfect and even appearance without damaging the façade or the plaster. The thermal insulation saw and flat chisel, pressure gun, wrench, and bit and bit extension are other useful tools required for ideal handling of the isorocket® scaffold anchor system when installing ETICS panels.

  • Classification / system components

    Suitable for all isorocket® scaffold anchors.

    Article number: 9.9.920

  • Delivery scope

    1-unit site comprising:
    Shortening device rocketcutter, assembly key rocketkey, pressure gun rocketgun, bit insert rocketbit, bit extension rocketbit magnetic, impact tool rocketslam, wrench rocketwrench, screw lock rocketfix, special Allen key extension rockethex, assembly ring extension rocketring, thermal insulation board saw rocketsaw, flat chisel rocketchisel

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  • Anstrich

    Clean painting work around the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.

  • System Concrete

    The isorocket® Concrete series is specially designed for use on concrete according to DIN 4426 (German standard).

  • Kraftaufnahme

    Perfect force absorption per assembly point.

  • Ablängen

    Shortening of the screw channel with the rocketcutter (special tool from the assembly set).

  • Verankerung

    Secure anchoring of the scaffold with the isorocket® permanent scaffold anchor.